maandag 30 april 2012

Brighten up

first feeling of summer today^^ fiinaallyy
-flower shirt: primark

zondag 29 april 2012


Bambi is one of my favorite models. I like her style , she can look very chique at one moment and very edgy and rock&roll another time. Her face is stunning too !

New in

These are some products i bought this week !
-Pantene serum. I like this product very much because sometimes the points of my hair are very dry, this product makes them shiny again
-Youth code serum by loréal. It feels very soft on your skin, I feel younger already^^
-Nail polish by Rimmel ' crack your colour'. I like the structure and the result is very pretty !

vrijdag 27 april 2012

Lazy afternoon

Today I went shopping in the afternoon. I bought some cosmetic products but I'd specially wanted to post about a new flower pants i bought . it's from Zaza ( not to be confussed with zara:) ). I normally don't go shopping there, i just went in to take a quick look and found this pants! I immediately fell in love with it ! I spent the rest of my day reading in Fashionista, it's a great magazine ! Xo

dinsdag 24 april 2012

Pastels al the way

You can see pastel colours everywhere nowadays. I Like this trend, it's so young and fresh, it makes you pray that the summer will be there soooon !
I think zara has some great clothing lately, I was there a few days ago and I could have litteraly buy the whole store !
(pictures from
Xo !

vrijdag 20 april 2012

Studs !

i love studs nowadays, i think it's a great trend :very fashionable and tough at the same time !
(source: tumblr &

dinsdag 17 april 2012

maandag 16 april 2012

Nail art

I bought some new nail polish from Pupa yesterday and i'm totally in love with it ! It's not regular nail polish but it shows a special effect. First you have to put on the grey nail polish, wait 4 minutes and then put the blue one on it, the blue nail polish will break within less then 5 seconds and you''ll get this effect !

zondag 15 april 2012


Some pictures of me and my boyfriend, we're toghether for almost three years now !
clothes: first picture: h&m top, second picture:bikini from mango, last picture: vest from h&m, shorts from pull and bear en socks from Hema

vrijdag 13 april 2012


I went to Malaga two weeks ago, it was beautiful there and it became even more beautiful when we discovered  the sweetest candyshop ! I liked it a lot^^