dinsdag 21 januari 2014

catching up

Hello there!

Today I finally had time to do what I've been dreaming about doing for months;). It's those little things you wanted to do for a while, but during the exams you want to do them even more and time seems to take forever than!
So today I had the chance(between babysitting my nephew;)) to read my book from the lovely Lauren Conrad, which was a xmas present from my family. I also tried to organise my polaroid pictures. I love taking poloroid pics  but since I didn't have a permanent marker to write things down on there was no text on either of them! Wellll now I finally got a marker (thank you boyfriend) so I can start writting!:). Last but not least I tried to plan our trip to Bali for the summer. It looks so beautifull there. I did some research already and I'm falling in love more each day;).
Hope you guys had a lovely day as well !


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