maandag 18 juni 2012


Bio-oil:  I started using this product about a month a go. I had a birthmark removed and so I had a scar . I read in a magazine that this product would help to even the scar and make it less noticebable. the product said it would also be good to even your  skin and keep your face young.
I really love this product. I can see the difference in my scar every day and it also feels very soft on my face. I would definitely recommend this product! You can't buy it in the supermarket though. I bought mine at the pharmacist

Loréal elsève volume spray: I started using this about two months a go. I wanted to get more volume in my hair. Before I used all kinds of hair spray and moushes but it only stayed in my hair for a while.
I like the volume spray of loréal a lot. The texture of this spray is realy soft, it doens't feel sticky so your hair doesn't get all greasy. This spray definitely stays longer on your hair than other sprays I have tried before but it doesn't stay all day. The bottle isn't that big so you can easily put it in your purse and use it again during the day^^
Panthene hair serum: I'm using this product for 2 months now and I couldn't be happier about it!. My hair suffered from dry ends because I regulary styl it or put curls in it. This serum should be used on wet hair ends. You can immediately see the results ! The ends of my hair feel so soft and shiny now , while before they were very dry . Such a great hair product!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. I LOVE the hair serum too!

  2. The hair serum sounds fabulous!

  3. Kan je de volume spray gebruiken als je vlug vettig haar hebt, denk je?
    Ik heb weinig volume in mijn haar en daarbij krijg ik heel vlug vet haar (jeej gezegend met 'leuk' haar). Om de dag moet ik mijn haar wassen. Raad je het dan ook aan?


    1. ja zeker ! is echt een fijn product, de spray is echt niks plakkerig ofzo, maakt je haar niks vettig. Als je het erop doet voelt het even nat aan ( ligt er ook aan hoeveel je erop doet) maar als je het dan in je haar knijpt wordt het meteen droog en is het daana niks plakkerig of vettig ! je kan het op zowel droog als nat haar doen, ik vind het op droog haar het meeste effect hebben !


  4. Leuke post, ik moet echt Bio-Oil eens proberen!